Monday, June 4, 2012

First Date

Discover  dating, flirting and women.

First Date

On the way to their happiness, there are some hurdles to overcome. These include the phase of
getting acquainted, and of course the first date.
Since there are many different ways to meet, have a first date may not always be the first
meeting. If you have long known, for example, noting that emotions are in play, then it can
also come at a later date for a first date. Most will also be made of such date in a stable
But if, for example, the Internet gets to know that is hard to get even more exciting.
After all, one has never seen before. And therein lies the tension. Questions like: What does it
look? Will we like each other? We can easily relate to each other? hang in the air and
kindle feelings of anxiety. But such a first date should not always be a disappointment.
On the Internet there are several opportunities to meet other people. It comes in a chat room or
forum, or even specific to a single stock market this week. Even here, it turns out, whether
there are common interests and hobbies. The reciprocal scanning is done exclusively online.
Can has gotten to know you share the phone numbers. Then, if the chemistry is still on the phone
right, is the first date is not far off. Because a relationship via the Internet and telephone is
just not possible and, above all, is not satisfactory for both sides.
For a first date is to pay attention to something. Thus, for example, women should not dress
provocatively. This might give the impression that she is anyway only to the one from.
Also bored yawn or talking on a cell phone should be avoided. That's just rude. Even though we
were promised from the comparison a bit more, so you should still pay the appropriate respect.
Honesty is our top priority.

Where to go?

The question of where to go on a first date is difficult to answer. A good spot is certainly a
possibility, but it is outdated and absolutely typical. A better option would be sure to invite
the lady to something less koventzionellem. Is it such a football fan, it might be interesting to
a football game of their favorite club to go. If YOU like the opera or ballet, you should prefer
to take YOU to a performance of this type. Bind the interests and hobbies of the woman with a.
Also, you can impress women with frequent or Italian delicacies delicacies from France.
Such things will like her more and she confirmed that you are really interested and you're as
easy to just go to a restaurant for dinner. In addition, there is no possibility that you run out
of conversation, which is often the case, since one is still not as well known and therefore do
not talk much to have.
You order the drinks! Attention to such things is important. The woman has her drink is empty,
ask if they want another drink. Never the same order again immediately. Ask! Straight from
alcoholic beverages, they will not eventually get the impression that they just want to make you

What to Wear?

Pull yourself the opportunity to entprechend. If you go to a football game, do not come in a
tuxedo, if you go to the ballet, come in under any circumstances sportswear. Sporty and elegant,
can be well combined. If you do not necessarily have the fashion sense, you can register in the
shop can also help you.
An absolute DON `T: Never wear colorful Hawaiian shirts, or the like. Decent clothing is
important on a first date. You can avoid sweat stains by wearing deodorant and you verwendst
welding Unobtrusive clothing.
A good shave is important. Stubble are a NO-GO! and the after shave, the rule: Less is more!
A too is odorless deterrent. Nevertheless, it should be enough to attract the attention of
the lady just up.


Just go assume that your date is just as nervous as you. Rejoice thaw on your opponent and
also give your time for something.
Consumer issues?
Also on the first date the rule is: Entertain yourself not about politics, religion, war,
explosion, and in any case, money or otherwise, unless the woman starts on its own in order.
Tell something about yourself, be vorsichichtig but not to tell too much! You want to stay so
interesting. If you asks that's another matter. If you are answering their questions is not
enough, you will not feel ignored. Attempts to find a happy medium.
It's always good to bring a woman to laugh. A little humor and charm are important to
the maintenance and loosen the tension of the first date something. Listen to her carefully and
do not think it has been done, simply YES, NO, MAYBE to say! Incorrect interest will notice her,
even if they can not show it immediately. So beware before, the woman not to be taken seriously.

Kiss on the first date?

For the first kiss, there is no rule. Nevertheless, you should try to avoid him on the first date.
The lady might think you just want to get them into bed. Basically it would be better to wait
with the first kiss, on the third date. The interest is increased by the lady, she wants to get
to know you better.
But you waiting longer than until the third date, it may be that the woman begins to look to you
only as a good friend. Be careful, because this should not happen after all!

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